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DIENST HK II A: An Entry Level Small to Medium Performance Requirements Cartoner for Food and Non-Food Industries

The continuous/intermittent horizontal cartoner HK II A automates the processes of erecting, filling and sealing of pre glued cartons.

Through infeed and conveying systems the HK II A is able to adapt to a variety of product specifications. In the working process the products arrive in stable or flexible conditions from an adjustable bucket conveyor after the infeed process in parallel position to the folding box transportation. Then the products get carefully inserted into the folding box by infeed pushers. The flaps of the filled folding boxes are sealed through hot-melt application systems and optionally coded.

Operation: No product no box.

Technical Data

Closing techniques:
Format range:
Cardboard magazine:
Weight of standard machine:

Continuous, Intermittent
Max. cycles 80-120/min (option)
A = 80-200, B = 25-100, H = 130-300 mm
Horizontal 1000 mm
Approx. 2000 kg

* depends on folded box format and/or product

More information can be found at the Dienst Website

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