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DIENST HK II S: A Universal Cartoner for Multi-System Performance Requirements for Food and Non-Food Sectors

The continuous/intermittent universal cartoner HK II S persuades with its high flexibility.

The variable design template fulfills nearly all demands of special requirements to packaging systems. DIENST universal cartoners HK II S automate the processes erecting, filling and closing of pre-glued folding boxes. During the operational and synchronisation process, the form-stable or flexible products are conveyed parallel to the folding box system by a flexible bucket conveyor and get then smoothly inserted through circumferential pushers. The filled folding boxes are closed either through hot-melt application or tuck-in and coded and controlled in accordance with customer’s specifications.

Several control elements provide a trouble-free operation: No product – no box.

Technical Data

Closing techniques:
Format range:
Cardboard magazine:
Weight of standard machine:

Continuous / Intermittent
Max. cycles 300/min
Hot-melt, tuck-in
A = 70-360, B = 25-150, H = 105-400 mm
Horizontal 1200-2000 mm
Approx. 2000 kg

* depends on folded box format and/or product

More information can be found at the Dienst Website

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