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Dienst Germany Overview

Packaging Technology in Cartoning and Sleeving is Our Passion

There is not much of consumable articles in the range of food or non-food, which canít be packaged with Dienst technology. By using modern work equipment, such as 3D construction, with our own CNC-manufacturing facility and a specialized software development - we may realize exceptional packaging solutions.

Whether cereal bars, bottles or pizza - we pack it

With 25 years of practical experience we find solutions that continuously push the boundaries of what is possible in packaging technology.

Our Focus on Machine-Design: Modular, Easy to Handle and High Quality Materials

Quality starts with engineering. Our design philosophy:
  • Modular conception:a combination of established cartoning engineering and highly developed servo-technology.
  • Construction for easy-handling: We are building complex machinery, featuring easy operation.
  • All shafts made out of stainless steel, other parts galvanized zinc plated, chemical treated (nickel plated), aluminium or plastic.
  • All machine type frames are made out of stainless steel.
  • Safety doors out of stainless steel with transparent Makrolon inlay. Top opening assistance by integrated pneumatic springs.
  • Control technology with decentralized periphery (like Profibus DP) guarantees a flexible, individual interface handling.

Established modular construction concept is our basis to build reliable cartoning technology.

Customized Solutions

Cartoning solutions are as individual as the packaged product. Therefore, there can be no standard solutions.
We combine advanced modules "tailored to size" packaging solutions through:

  • Cutting edge equipment, such as 3D design
  • In-house production of 95% with its own CNC manufacturing and
  • Own software development

More information can be found at the Dienst Website

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