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Pago Labellers

Pago offers a wide choice of specific labelling solutions for pharmaceuticals. For greater security, strong marketing, comprehensive information and the smooth flow of goods.

Convincing product design

  • Labels for package design

Comprehensive, multilingual information

  • PAGOmedia - multisided labels for comprehensive product information

  • PAGOinforoll - Wrap around labels for cylindrical products

  • PAGOinfoform - Multi-layer labels for more information on the product

Improved functions

  • PAGOsafe - Originality seal protection

  • PAGOsleeve - Sleeve to guarantee previously unopened product

  • PAGOtouch - Relief labels with symbols for blind persons

Smooth product identification and goods flow control

  • PAGO System 428 - EAN compliant identification and labelling of pallets

  • PAGOwin Next The software for information management with labels

  • PAGOterminal - Network printing and labelling

Customised multi-purpose high performance or non-stop labelling

  • PAGOpharma - Labelling technology for the pharmaceutical industry

  • PAGO System 520 C Pharma - labelling front and back

  • PAGO System 560 Pharma - all-around labelling

  • PAGO System 610 Pharma - all-around labelling

Special labelling machines for the pharmaceutical industry

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