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Tray Wrapping

Automac are recognised as a leading international manufacturer of equipment.

Method of operation
Products are placed onto a tray either plastic or foam. The tray is taken into the machine where Stretch film is stretched around the tray and heat sealed to the bottom of the tray.

Industries covered:
  • Meat

  • small goods

  • fruit & vegetable

  • Stretch films can be handled ranging from 12 - 30 micron

  • Speeds from 1-Up to 50 trays per min

Various options are available such as:

  • Print registration

  • Weigh Price labeling

  • Automatic infeeds

  • Soft pack features

Automac A38

A very flexible and compact machine. New production conception where the costumer may chose the best configuration for his purposes.

Automatic reel change
This provides an entirely automatic wrapping system without operating interruptions. You will enjoy large flexibility, profit and continuity of production.

Two speed
A major characteristic which permits perfect wrapping of the trays even with particularly difficult and unstable products.

Larger range of sizes
The range of the wrap sizes has been expanded to the dimension of 260x407x160 mm. During
planning the requirements of the market have been considered for those sectors and countries that already require very big sizes.

New control panel
The new control panel has an incorporated diagnostics system which permits not only the memorisation of 99 sizes but also the signalling and the position of different possible breakdowns which can also be confirmed by "voice" (option).

Automac 55piu

55 piu is a solid, flexible and fast machine, ideal for large packaging centres and hypermarkets, where high quantities are packed and the machine is constantly exposed to extreme conditions. During the years, the main movements of the machine have given proof of their efficiency; nevertheless, further technical modifications have been made to permit reaching higher targets:

  • Speed, up to 55 packs per min.

  • Flexible, for a wider range of tray sizes.

  • Simple, thanks to the new monitor with liquid crystal display, everything is under control.

  • Silent, to guarantee better working conditions.

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