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Accurate bulk counting, packaging and identification of small products. That is what the brand new, integrated packaging solution does. This out-of-the-box solution is the result of a successful partnership between Data Technologies and Automated Packaging Systems.

From diamonds, seeds, medicines to electronic and small mechanical parts
Data Technologies has developed a unique method of counting and subsequently packaging bulk small objects. The system can handle a wide variety of objects, from seeds, pharmaceutical and chemical products to electronics and small mechanical parts.

The products do not need to be separated over separate lines, nor do they need to be fed one by one spaced at specific intervals, as is often the case in conventional counting and packaging systems.
Integration with Autobag®
The system is perfectly integrated with the Autobag® PS125™ bagging machine, for both semi- and fully-automatic operation. The products are fed in bulk on a 60 mm wide conveyor and counted as they fall into a funnel. In some cases, the use of the funnel can be bypassed, allowing the counted objects to be bagged directly. This allows for significant additional time savings.

The ‘auto calibration’ function allows easy calibration of new objects. Moreover, real-time calibration is performed during the counting.
Accuracy at top speed
The new solution attains speeds that almost match the weighing speed of small objects. Counting rates of up to 25,000 objects per minute are often achieved. Objects of 0.5 to 20 mm and different shapes can be handled. In addition, the use of an advanced mathematical algorithm ensures 100% accuracy.
About MPI Australia
MPI Australia is the exclusive distributor of Autobag®, AirPouch® and SidePouch® systems and Data Technologies in Australia and New Zealand. With 50 years of experience, MPI Australia can design, install and service total packaging solutions that will improve productivity and streamline operations with a smart return on investment. For further information, contact MPI at or 02 9648 3011

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