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Autobag AB850s - Mail Order Fulfillment and Ecommerce Packaging Machine

The new Autobag® 850S™ bagger is uniquely designed to provide enhanced packaging productivity for mail order fulfillment and ecommerce applications. This system features a breakthrough bag opening technology that securely grips and holds the open bag in place. This creates a large opening (up to 27.9cm x 27.9cm) that allows for easy loading of single or multi-line orders.

Next-bag-out printing is achieved with an advanced thermal transfer imprinter positioned directly over the next bag to be loaded. This ensures accuracy and efficiency in fulfillment applications that require frequent product and label changeovers, and prevents product queuing.


  • Capable of running bags up to 55.9cm wide
  • Next-bag-out printing
  • features advanced inherently safe design to aid safe hand loading
  • Highly configurable layouts: left- or right-hand access to the HMI, cycle switch and bag loading area, improving ergonomics and operator productivity.
  • compatible with Autobag and third-party counters, scales and infeed.
  • can be networked to facilitate full pack station integration and central monitoring.
  • 45-degree tilt option is available
  • HMI with AutoTouch Control Software
User Benefits
  • High quality seals with coordinated seal flattener for wrinkle free seals
  • Advanced film position and tension control for consistent printing and bag positioning
  • Compact footprint minimizes floor space
  • Simple height adjustment and casters for operator comfort and portability
  • Easy loading modular bag storage shelf to speed bag changeovers
  • Intuitive interface with AutoTouchâ„¢ Control Screen with access to operator tutorials, help system, on-board diagnostics, data retrieval, and performance monitoring with graphic or text-based views

Technical Specifications:

Weight: 317.5 Kg
Electrical: 110/220 VAC switchable 50/60 Hz, 1,800 watts continuous
Air Feed: 5 CFM/80 psi of clean, dry air
Width: 115.1 cm (Adjustable)
Height: 110.5 to 141 cm
Length: 183 cm
Pass-Through: Up to 27.9 cm
Bag Thickness: 27.7 - 101.6 um (or microns)
Bag Sizes: W 25.4 to 55.9 cm L 25.4 to 91.4 cm
Weighing Capacity: Up to 4.5 Kg (with load shelf)

Optional Additions:
  • Handheld or tabletop bar code scanner
  • A range of bag deflators
  • Footswitch
Typical Applications:
  • Single or multi-line mail order fulfillment
  • Ecommerce fulfillment
  • Prescription-by-mail fulfillment
  • Apparel
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Sporting Goods
  • Footwear
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