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J&W Horizontal Cartoners

  • Offer practically proven Cartoning Machines with a convincing concept.

  • Supplies economical and flexible basic equipment for the packaging
    requirements in all industrial branches

  • Cartoning machines are dedicated to customers, where in the past small
    batches have precluded automation of folding box packaging

  • Cartoning machines are used successfully throughout the world. Our machines are manufactured in state of the art technology, in order to ensure a high level of quality

  • Cartoning machines are easy in operation and maintenance with quick change-over times to other format- and product sizes and require extremely few change parts. The compact basic machine and optional equipment guarantee low space requirement.

  • The technical concept is up to date and future orientated.

Technical Data:

Output capacity:

0-60 cylces/min. Infinitely variable or product controlled, depending on goods to be packed and/or machine version.

Format range:

AxBxH (mm):

  • a) min: 70x10x45

  • b) max: 125x20x250

  • 160x100x250

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